Top 5 Teaching Resources for AQA Power and Conflict Poetry

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve put out my ‘top five’ resources for Macbeth and Jekyll and Hyde.  Here are five for the AQA Power and Conflict poems…


1. Individual poem resources – click here

There are resources in the folder for eight of the poems.  Each one follows a fixed format: quote for discussion, vocabulary, literacy task, image retrieval task, and then a broad question for discussion.  Should be enough there to pick and choose or adapt.

2. Study pack – click here

I put this together earlier in the year.  The pack contains a list of decent online resources, some research questions, and loads of retrieval tasks.  Might be most useful for a series of homework tasks.

3. Essay task and feedback sheet – click here

This is an AQA exam-style task on Bayonet Charge and an accompanying whole-class feedback sheet.  Should be easy to adapt.

4. Context questions – click here

A series of quiz-style questions on the historical context of a range of the poems – the stuff that I think is important for students know.  There’s also a broad timeline on the second page, which spans from the Crimean War to the Gulf War.

5. Simple essay guidance – click here

A simple plan for students to follow if they’re writing about one of the poems for the first time and need a bit of guidance.  I’ve also included banks of key words.

I hope the resources are useful.  Feedback always welcome.

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