AQA Paper 1 Anthology Scheme of Work

Click here to access a scanned copy of all the resources I’ve written about below.  Viewed together, as a sort of teacher handbook, it should make everything a bit clearer.

Right.  Onto the post…  The AQA GCSE English Language reading resource anthology is really good.  It contains everything you need for teaching a unit of work: overviews, guidance, questions – the lot.  From September, the year 11 students I teach are going to study a range of the extracts over a period of half a term.  Here’s a brief overview of the scheme of work…

  • The top row contains the specific exam questions I’ll focus on
  • The second row contains the extracts I’ll be looking at
  • The third row contains general questions for discussion for each week’s lessons
  • The fourth row contains the ‘big’ questions for each lesson and then a series of suggested activities
  • There’s a formative assessment during week 3, lesson 3 (Section B from SAMS2)
  • There’s summative assessment during week 7 (Section A and Section B from SAMS3).

For each lesson, I’ve put together two simple PowerPoint slides:

  • The first contains the ‘big’ question and an ‘engage’ task
  • The second contains a vocabulary list.

At the foot of each slide, there’s a week and lesson reference.

You can access all the resources by clicking here.

As with everything, there will need to be some flexibility.  Learning, most inconveniently, can’t be reliably and neatly compartmentalised into single lesson units – but I hope the stuff’s useful.

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