Educational Reader’s Digest | Friday 25th August – Friday 1st September

Educational Reader's Digest

Educational Reader’s Digest

Friday 25th August – Friday 1st September

Leadership and management

1. Advice for school leadership teams, by Ross McGill

2. From the rabbit hole: a love letter to middle leaders, by Claire Stoneman

Teaching, learning and assessment

1. 5 important things educational research has taught me, by Sarah Donarski

2. Tackling over-reliance on marking, by Jamie Thom

3. Stopping the marking runaway train…, by Tom Rees

4. Whole-class reading: an example lesson and a menu of approaches, by James Durran

5. Question time, by Eleanor Mears

6. How to remember to go on break duty, by James Theobald

7. GCSEs: What can we learn from the English examiner reports?, by Kate McCabe

8. Why I love… Unpicking the Eduqas Examiners report – Literature, by Susan Strachan

9. A longer piece on the taxonomy of Bloom, by Pedro De Bruyckere

10. Absent on results day, by Sarah Barker

11. “This debate doesn’t happen in schools”, by James Theobald

12. GCSEs, A-levels and other school qualifications should be scrapped, by Ed Cadwallader

13. Student assessment of learning in the classroom, by Blake Harvard

14. But…We do learn from people we don’t like, by Blake Harvard

15. Dear students, you’re not #1, by Blake Harvard

16. ‘The Cult of Hattie’: ‘wilful blindness’?, by Darcy Moore

17. On a reading success story, by Linda Evans

18. Standards?! What’s going on with GCSE grades?, by Tom Sherrington

19. When experts disagree?, by Gary Jones

20. The dangers of a personalised curriculum, by Martin Robinson

21. The post-modern classroom, by Martin Robinson

22. The need for a progressive attitude, by Martin Robinson

23. Where did it all go right… again?, by Mark Enser

24. Keep calm and just teach, by Mark Enser

25. Psychology and education: it’s good to be critical, by Marc Smith

26. The Cock and Bull, by Nick Wells

27. Telling stories in the maths classroom, by Greg Ashman

28. Twitter’s shouting match and the battle of ideas, by James Ball

29. How to get GCSE students writing better introductions, by Sana Master

30. Six ways to build a supportive, language-rich EAL community, by Anoara Mughal

31. My best planning. Part 3, by Kristopher Boulton

32. Now is the right time to remind ourselves why we teach, by Tom Rogers

33. Year 7 students (on the whole) make absolute progress in English and maths, by Patrick Bamby

34. Changes to come around the hearthfire, by Beth Kemp

35. Playing at psychology, by Adam Boxer

36. Teach Like a Champion. New money for old rope?, by Ben Newmark

37. Routines for the start of every lesson, by Rufus William

38. Planning, by Matt Burnage

39. Department-wide interleaving, by William Emeny

40. This much I know about…the folly of valuing effort over outcomes, by John Tomsett

Personal development, behaviour and welfare

1. Behaviour, their first impressions, by Anthony Smith

2. Back to school – so you’ve got a new tutor group, by Mark Anderson

EYFS and primary

1. Response to an Anti-Phonixxer, by Tricia Millar

2. KS2 VA calculator 2017, by James Pembroke


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