Educational Reader’s Digest | Friday 11th August – Friday 18th August

Educational Reader's Digest

Educational Reader’s Digest

Friday 11th August – Friday 18th August

Leadership and management

1. We need to get over the taboo of talking about race, by Ndidi Okezie

2. Differences and similarities, by David Didau

3. Do schools matter less than we think?, by David Didau

4. Two fallacies to avoid, by David Didau

5. On being called a racist, by David Didau

6. Are we really having this conversation?, by Nick Dennis

7. What’s behavioral genetics got to do with school?, by Benjamin Doxtdator

8. The double standards of the inspectorate, by Tom Rogers

9. In praise of part-time teachers, by Rebecca Wildish

Teaching, learning and assessment

1. Ten books every teacher should read, by Carl Hendrick

2. Too much of a good thing?, by Kelly Leonard

3. Nosmo King – there’s nothing worse than an ex-prog teacher, by Nick Wells

4. Bounty as boundless as the sea: the benefits of Shakespeare for all, by Sallie Stanton

5. Dread the unseen, by Kate McCabe

6. Feedback and English mocks, by Daisy Christodoulou

7. Why I love… Eduqas anthology: blog series 6 – She Walks in Beauty (Byron), by Susan Strachan

8. Why I love the new English GCSE: a controversial romance, by Sana Master

9. The new GCSE grades signal largely pointless change, by Warwick Mansell

10. Nature or nurture? Free will and education, by Martin Robinson

11. My best planning. Part 1, by Kristopher Boulton

12. A clarification of the meaning of ‘self-efficacy’, by Steve Watson

13. What Australian parents need to know about the reading wars, by Greg Ashman

14. Fishing for red herrings, by Greg Ashman

15. Do teachers matter?, by Greg Ashman

16. How to shift a school towards better homework, by Ian Kelleher

17. Teaching and learning – what actually works?, by Dan West

18. Psychology and education: It’s good to be critical, by Marc Smith

19. Technology, 21st century skills, and education, by Deborah Netolicky

20. More than grades, by Sean Delahoy

21. When memorising is everything but not enough, by Stephen Tierney

22. Late to the party – core knowledge booklets, by David Paterson

23. I’m reviewing the situation, by Marcus Jones

24. The dangers of misconceptions: why clever people believe silly things, by Ben Newmark

16 to 19 study programmes

1. New specification A-levels – waiting for the first results, by Rodger Caseby

2. Can we compare the A-Level performance of independent schools and state schools?, by Dave Thomson

3. A-Level results day 2017: is it the end of the road for AS-Levels?, by Dave Thomson

4. A-level results day and the polymathic adventurer!, by Martin Robinson

5. A-Level results day 2017: The key trends in three charts, by Philip Nye


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