Educational Reader’s Digest | Friday 18th August – Friday 25th August

Educational Reader's Digest

Educational Reader’s Digest

Friday 18th August – Friday 25th August

Leadership and management

1. Time to seriously question Ofsted?, by Stephen Tierney

2. Now is a time for cool head and warm hearts, by Stephen Tierney

3. GCSE results post-mortem, by Tom Sherrington

4. Shoot the target grade, by Martin Robinson

5. Make it visible. Don’t take work home, by Ben Newmark

6. Not the Messiah! There are no magic wands, by Simon Smith

Teaching, learning and assessment

1. An art history of back to school, by James Theobald

2. The Abilene Paradox: why schools do things nobody actually wants, by Carl Hendrick

3. Twas the night before results day, by Kelly Leonard

4. Being a HoD on GCSE results day is a leap into the unknown, by Rebecca Foster

5. For the first time, this GCSE results day we will have results we can rely on, by Grainne Hallahan

6. This year’s GCSEs are like a pantomime, by Chris Curtis

7. Should we be nice to students who fail?, by John Kenny

8. Despite the predictable uproar, changes to GCSEs were the right thing to do, by John Blake

9. Essential summer reads: ‘Making Every English Lesson Count’, by Jamie Thom

10. Climbing mountains in small steps, by James Murphy

11. False profits, and why representation matters at researchED, by Tom Bennett

12. The moral concerns of researchED, by Charlotte Pezaro

13. A door into the dark, by James Murphy

14. On being afraid, by Nick Shaw

15. In praise of dignity and justice, by David Didau

16. What I stand for, by David Didau

17. Teachers as resisting intellectuals, by Vincent Lien

18. #pomoED, by Greg Ashman

19. Education needs its non-conformists, by Greg Ashman

20. Keeping students on the maths bus, by Greg Ashman

21. A few jots on mythological allusions, by Eleanor Mears

22. Too much knowledge, too soon. Might that keep the poor in poverty too?, by Thomas James

23. Blogging: 3 years on, by Deborah Netolicky

24. Looking at progress in Year 7 English and maths through comparative judgement, by Patrick Barmby

25. Notes from nowhere, by Michael Merrick

26. Tips for using a visualiser or document camera (mainly for English), by Daniel Smith

27. This much I know about…writing, language and catching a sea trout, by John Tomsett

28. Genes, environment and behaviour, by Sue Gerrard

29. Great books for the sceptical teacher, by Andrew Old

30. A timeline of literature (with GCSE texts), by James Theobald

31. Why aren’t I a better teacher?, by Sam Pullen

32. Imagination in the classroom can be unlocked – just hand over the keys, by Hywel Roberts

33. Bobby and Emily, by Nell Flowers

34. Taking control of your professional development with research – post 3, by Blake Harvard

35. Avoiding a ‘literacy dip’ in Year 7, by James Durran

36. The importance of ‘extended writing’, by James Durran

37. Getting off to the best start with a new class, by Shaun Allison

38. Creating a classroom culture: the ‘centre’, by Martin Robinson

Personal development, behaviour and welfare

1. Why is co-production so powerful? Learning from research, by Gareth Morewood

2. The science of school uniform, by Greg Ashman

3. The best pastoral care, by Steve Adcock


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