Educational Reader’s Digest | Friday 21st July – Friday 28th July

Educational Reader's Digest

Educational Reader’s Digest

Friday 21st July – Friday 28th July

Leadership and management

1. The life of a deputy headteacher: part 10, by Ross McGill

2. A glossary of U.K. education (vol.4), by James Theobald

3. Pay new teachers more, by Ben Newmark

4. 2016-17 reasons to be cheerful, by Shaun Allison

5. Ten things that the best multi-academy trusts do, by David Carter

6. Where is education now? Hope vs. despair, by Tom Sherrington

7. Workload: solutions part II – why do systems in schools fail?, by Pritesh Raichura

8. Is teacher workload a matter of perception?, by Ben White

9. Long-term disadvantage, part one: challenges and successes, by Mike Treadaway

Teaching, learning and assessment

1. That’s another one done, thanks to brilliant people, by Becky Wood

2. Learning myths vs. learning facts, by Blake Harvard

3. The value of simplicity in the classroom, by Blake Harvard

4. The tears of a clown, by Mark Enser

5. Castle Shakespeare: why study the Bard?, by David Didau

6. How to be an English teacher: designing an English PGCE, by David Didau

7. Writing the BPP History PGCE, by Michael Fordham

8. I now know… (But, still learning!), by Amjad Ali

9. Is my teaching practice rooted in ideology?, by Rufus William

10. A line of beauty, by Chris Curtis

11. Workload and English mocks, by Daisy Christodoulou

12. Professor John Hattie at ResearchED Melbourne, by Greg Ashman

13. Dr Stephen Norton at ResearchED Melbourne, by Greg Ashman

14. Differentiation: good intentions are not enough, by Greg Ashman

15. The pipeline, by Greg Ashman

16. Making the investment, by James Durran

17. An Orwellian education, by Anthony Radice

18. Launching a coherent curriculum in a local-control state, by Robert Pondiscio

19. Why isn’t Engelmann in our library?, by Matt Perks

20. Modern education vs. old education, by Martin Robinson

21. History of thought, by Martin Robinson

22. Edutropia, dept., by Barry Garelick

23. Why teach when you can be a banker?, by Drew Thompson

24. Tutor time reading, by Freya O’Dell

25. Six steps to create a reading culture in your school, by Freya O’Dell

26. A different lens, by Wendy Lee

27. Is this the best we can do? Part 6: the problem of forgetting, by Hin-Tai Ting

28. Why I love… Reflecting on the academic year, by Susan Strachan

Personal development, behaviour and welfare

1. Strict or sympathetic?, by Tom Rogers

2. Compliance, by Tom Sherrington

3. Be a strict teacher, by John Kenny

EYFS and primary

1. A tale of two teachers, by Juliet Green

2. Group work in primary classrooms: No longer a waste of time, by Christine Howe


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