Educational Reader’s Digest | Friday 1st Sept – Friday 8th Sept

Educational Reader's Digest

Educational Reader’s Digest

Friday 1st September – Friday 8th September

Leadership and management

1. Learning leaders and teachers, by Stephen Tierney

2. Working after 4:20, by PJ Merrell

3. If Carlsberg made schools…and also designed funding formulae?, by Mike Treadway

4. Analysing and agonising over Progress 8, by Stephen Tierney

Teaching, learning and assessment

1. Eleven tips for NQTs, by Sarah Barker

2. 10 Things NQTs need to discover, by Beth Hartwell

3. Thoughts for the new school year: nolite te bastardes carborundorum, by Denise Brown

4. Helpful homework, by Kate McCabe

5. ‘Four quarters marking’ – a workload solution?, by Carl Hendrick

6. Back to school. Beware novelty, by Mark Roberts

7. The back to school collection, by David Didau

8. Six ways to help struggling readers in your classroom, by James Murphy

9. Students can sustain concentration, and they should, by John Kenny

10. Why didn’t you tell me? 5 things I wish I had been told sooner, by Phil Stock

11. The getting-to-know-you first lesson, by James Theobald

12. Planning for memory: interleaving at GCSE, by David Hibbert

13. Why blog?, by Jeremy Burton

14. In defence of ResearchEd, by Debra Kidd

15. New horizons, by James Murphy

16. Views, by Martin Robinson

17. Notes from cognitive scientist Nathan Wallis’ presentation on the brain, by Doug Lemov

18. Cleverlands book review, by Elisabeth Royde

19. Teaching is like an ultramarathon race, by Mark Enser

20. Marginal gains: Small changes that make a big difference to your teaching, by Mark Enser

21. Variation in Year 7 absolute progress amongst schools, by Patrick Barmby

22. Practising declarative knowledge, by Adam Boxer

Personal development, behaviour and welfare

1. Do what they told ya, by Sue Cowley

2. Educating Manchester 1: loving the alien, by Tom Bennett

3. Student confrontations, by James Murphy

4. Ringing parents, by Steve Garnett

EYFS and primary

1. The extraordinary case of Mr Yamazaki, by Solomon Kingsnorth

2. KS2 progress measures 2017: a guide to what hasn’t changed, by James Pembroke

16 to 19 study programmes

1. How prevalent is Year 12 drop- out from selective schools?, by Dave Thompson


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