Educational Reader’s Digest | 12th – 19th January 2018

Educational Reader's Digest

Educational Reader’s Digest

Friday 12th January – Friday 19th January

What does Progress in Year 5 look like for a Primary school?, by Chris Wheadon 

 ‘Measuring progress is difficult when all are improving.’ 

 Why I love… Our Revision Strategy, by Susan Strachan 

 ‘Measuring progress is difficult when all are improving.’

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Why a Knowledge-Based Curriculum Could be the Future, by Fran Haynes 

 ‘Knowledge is seen as an end in itself rather than a means to solving social or economic issues.’ 

 Top 10 revision strategies, by Alex Quigley 

 ‘We now have a wealth of evidence to support some revision strategies over others.’ 

The Value of Spontaneous Testing, by Sarah Donarski 

‘Unfortunately, Knowledge and Understanding can sometimes be used synonymously.’ 

Bold Report Reading, by Nick Wells 

‘Six things I’ve learnt from watching the debate about the Bold Beginnings report.’

Developing English Language confidence with ‘127 Hours’, by Jamie Thom 

‘This short post is on how I used the text with them today and how I plan to use it over the next couple of weeks.’

The nature of school science knowledge…, by Rosalind Walker 

‘If I’m going to challenge my seniors, I like to be prepared.’ 

Marking and Feedback – the shifting tide, by Kris Henderson 

‘Cut down on marking and spend more time planning’ 

On using Quizlet to learn ambitious vocabulary, by Rebecca Foster 

‘Students are starting to really ‘own’ this language and feel empowered by it.’ 

Coasting? You’re taking the p*ss!, by James Pembroke 

‘This is a school with very high levels of disadvantage; with many social challenges.’

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