Educational Reader’s Digest | Friday 7th July – Friday 14th July

Educational Reader's Digest

Educational Reader’s Digest

Friday 7th July – Friday 14th July

Leadership and management

1. For the NQTs and trainees, by Cherryl Drabble

2. Maximising P8: macro-micro thinking – and ethics, by Tom Sherrington

3. Twenty teacher types – a real test of leadership, by Tom Sherrington

4. A short history of Ofsted short inspections, by Philip Nye

5. Whole-school change – how can we find out ‘what works’?, by Eleanor Stringer

6. Why I love… Wellbeing changes, by Susan Strachan

Teaching, learning and assessment

1. Consistently consistent – the English Department’s manifesto, by Chris Curtis

2. A glossary of UK education (vol. 2), by James Theobald

3. The final comedown: nothing prepares me for the end of term, by James Theobald

4. A digital strategy for teaching and learning, by José Picardo

5. Being ‘good’ at English, by James Durran

6. Asking real questions in the classroom, by James Durran

7. Are we wasting time on lesson plenaries?, by Dawn Cox

8. What is a broad and balanced curriculum?, by David Didau

9. Building independence, by Mark Enser

10. If streaming is a barrier to success, why do it?, by Mary-Claire Travers

11. The place of notation in music education, by Martin Fautley

12. Thought stems and creating automaticity in exam answers, by Dom Schack

13. Classroom talk: some thoughts on the EEF report, by Martin Robinson

14. Retrieval practice in the high school classroom, by Blake Harvard

15. Why teach?, by Emma Kell

16. Sometimes pupils need ‘fixed mindsets’, argues leading academic, by Will Hazel

17. What’s so bad about a bit of monologism?!, by Tim Logan

18. What I learned from my learning styles research project back in the day, by Penny Rabiger

19. Motivation for learning: is there a point?, by Paul Kirschner and Mirjam Neelen

20. Dory says…, by Nick Wells

21. Four ideas for retaining Australian teachers, by Greg Ashman

22. Risky business, by Zoe Taylor

23. What about ‘whataboutery’, by Paul Merrell

24. Textbooks from high performing jurisdictions: Japan, by Ben Rogers

Personal development, behaviour and welfare

1. What makes us happy, by Jo Facer

2. Yes he can!, by Katie Ashford

3. Selection and choice, by Nancy Gedge

4. A parent’s view on choosing the right school for SEND, by Gareth Morewood

5. Nailing behaviour management, by Rufus William

EYFS and primary

1. SATs… SATs… SATs (rolling eye and a massive sigh), by Simon Smith

2. Primary teaching too highly specialised for the ‘generalist’ teacher, by John Kenny

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