Educational Reader’s Digest | 5th – 12th January 2018

Educational Reader's Digest

Educational Reader’s Digest

Friday 5th January – Friday 12th January

The invisible practices in teaching: watching a teacher teach, by Dawn Cox

‘These proformas are designed to help a trainee explore an aspect of teaching and discuss it with the teacher.’

Lower the revs or face burnout, by Jamie Thom

‘When we rush through our days, we miss the numerous joys of teaching’.

Plenary vs pedagogy, by Mark Enser

‘So my issue isn’t with the why of doing these things but with the way I have almost always seen them done’.

New year, new school. On making a good start, by Ben Newmark

‘I’ll have to follow the advice I’ve given those I manage.’

Starting at a new school: SLT edition, by Jo Facer

‘Teaching is the heart of every school, and every lesson taught matters’

Comparative essay approach for poetry, by Susan Strachan

‘The other important component that I haven’t mentioned is the way that I look at comparing poems.’

Adapting Explode the Extract Structure, by Susan Strachan

‘This approach came about as a result of discussions in the department and a department meeting.’

Ode to subject knowledge (& Keats), by Kate McCabe

‘Reading his poetry is like stepping into a kaleidoscope.’

Marketing English revision, by Chris Curtis

‘Here’s some things we are doing to make revision topical and relevant.’

Who should teach the top group?, by Greg Ashman

‘Does your school group students into classes in a given subject based on their level of advancement?’

Teaching to make children cleverer – Part 3, by David Didau

‘Certain types of knowledge are liberating.’

Class confusion, by Debra Kidd

‘And we haven’t forgotten. We won’t shut up.’

Demanding Perfection, by Sarah Barker

‘It’s about tenacity and how we can get things right with practice.’

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