Educational Reader’s Digest | Friday 30th June – Friday 7th July

Educational Reader’s Digest

Friday 30th June – Friday 7th July

Leadership and management

1. Cleverlands, by Shaun Allison

2. It’s not statutory, by Ross Morrison McGill

3. Your first 5 minutes as a brand new HoD, by Tom Rodgers

4. Our colleagues are first and foremost people, by John Tomsett

Teaching, learning and assessment

1. A glossary of U.K. education (vol.1), by James Theobald

2. A culture of excellence – excellent geography, by Mark Enser

3. How do you design your curriculum?, by Mark Enser

4. CPDL at Canons in 2016/17, by Keven Bartle

5. On the response to my article about teaching boys, by Thomas James

6. It’s as if we’ve designed our schools to keep the poor in poverty…, by Thomas James

7. On shiny ideas and the dangers of being a magpie, by Rebecca Foster

8. On redesigning the KS3 English curriculum – part 1, by Rebecca Foster

9. On redesigning the KS3 English curriculum – part 2, by Rebecca Foster

10. Ends are not means, by Greg Ashman

11. Recognition versus recall, by Greg Ashman

12. The ‘journey’ sentence, by Kate McCabe

13. Making challenge meaningful, by Ben Newmark

14. Rethinking boys’ engagement, by Mark Roberts

15. What does progress look like in year 7 mathematics, by Chris Wheadon

16. Litteranguage – part 1, by Nick Wells

17. Cognitive load theory – overview and implications for science teaching, by Niki Kaiser

18. Two types of learning – which one is best?, by David Didau

19. Can we predict the future?, by David Didau

20. The reading before the reading: equipping students with cultural literacy, Chris Peirce

21. Differentiation in the classroom, by Nick Hart

22. Mastery in science (…a brief summary), by Rosalind Walker

23. Learning at Leeds Education Festival: ‘Building hope in education’, by Jamie Thom

24. differentiation (with a small ‘d’), by Jennifer Webb

25. The pedagog teachers PRAD, by Gethyn Jones

26. How can we celebrate diversity through text choices in English?, by Erin Miller

27. Why so knowledge-phobic?, by John Kenny

28. Improving teaching and learning: ideas for heads of department, by Harry Fletcher-Wood

29. The power of a provocation, by Edna Sackson

30. The school research lead and the FINER questions in life, by Gary Jones

31. Retrieval practice in the high school classroom, by Blake Harvard

32. Staggered marking and feedback, by Dawn Cox

Personal development, behaviour and welfare

1. All schools are equal but some are more equal than others, by Jules Dalby

2. Why I love… Vertical tutoring, by Susan Strachan

3. Peer pressure influences behaviour like nothing else, by David Didau

EYFS and primary

1. Sats results have left me flirting with conspiracy theories, by James Pembroke

2. So much rides on today’s Sats results – it threatens my wellbeing, by Brian Walton

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