Educational Reader’s Digest | Friday 16th March – Friday 23rd March

Educational Reader's Digest

Educational Reader’s Digest

Friday 16th March – Friday 23rd March

Why I love…Reflecting/Reflections, by Susan Strachan

‘How is reflection useful? And more specifically, why in teaching is reflection so important?’

Metacognition: Making it Happen in the Classroom, by Fran Haynes

‘Ben decided to focus his investigations on the metacognitive awareness of Year 9 students.’

Evidence-Informed Ideas Every Teacher Should Know About, by Tom Sherrington

‘So, here are some key evidence-informed ideas, I think every teacher should know about.’

Progress without data – How it can be ‘shown’ & benefit the teacher in the process, by Dawn Cox

‘Progress has become a feared term for some teachers.’

This much I know about…how Progress 8 might just be a proxy measure for poverty and EAL, by John Tomsett

‘The title is a statement; arguably it should be more of a question.’

Why does knowledge matter?, by Ian Bauckham

‘Too often we think that teaching a knowledge based curriculum is somehow elitist.’

Global Education and Skills Forum 2018, by Daisy Christodoulou

‘There is a whole body of modern scientific literature which makes the same point.’

A building shining with hope. My visit to Nuneaton Academy, by Ben Newmark

‘This school is not failing its pupils.’

The death of my father, by David Didau

‘He was just a man. And so am I.’

Helping students’ memories – utilising elaborative retrieval, by Paul Moss

‘But the strategy doesn’t only strengthen student memory.’

10 “unbelievable” things that used to be common in schools, by Andrew Old

‘I have collated the most common responses.’

We don’t need no Sir Ken Robinson, by Greg Ashman

‘Schools already operate too much as talent sorting systems rather than educational institution.’

Feedback: Holding The Grade, by Michael Chiles

‘Ultimately, feedback should be more work for students than teachers.’

The Library of the Future, by Deborah Netolicky

‘‘Library’ is an idea that has been around since the ancient world.’


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