Educational Reader’s Digest | Friday 2nd March – Friday 9th March

Educational Reader's Digest

Educational Reader’s Digest

Friday 2nd March – Friday 9th March

International Women’s Day 2018: Voice, Power and Privilege, by Deborah Netolicky

‘Are we preserving existing power structures or are we helping others?’

Cross Curricular Planning, by Debra Kidd

‘Yes, the Arts are as important as Maths!’

The teacher makes the difference, by Paul Kirschner and Mirjam Neelen

‘These three characteristics really separate the wheat from the chaff.’

Be More Alfred! (Let Batman be Batman), by Simon Smith

‘The ultimate role of any SLT is to create a climate that allows its teachers to be the best.’

A traditionalist case against setting/for mixed ability grouping, by Lee Donaghy

‘And it is the last of those that I think is the key to a traditionalist argument against setting.’

Dumbing Down the Arts, by Martin Robinson

‘Instead of singing the ‘Ode to Joy’ these children are singing odes to compost.’

Building character in people, objects and places, by Chris Curtis

‘Not only did this lesson help us look at character, but it helped us infer aspects about the character.’

Traditional practices are not going anywhere, by John Kenny

‘All teachers understand that just knowing stuff is not enough.’

The nail in Growth Mindset’s coffin?, by David Didau

‘We all quit things we think we suck at.’

Low Stakes Quizzing and Retrieval Practice Part 2, by Tom Needham

‘If they are successful, the memory’s durability will hopefully have been strengthened.’

Why you should care about the prospects of the white working class, by Greg Ashman

‘Those who argue for taking notice of them risk revealing their latent racism to an easily offended world.’


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