Year 11 GCSE English Literature Easter Study Pack

I’m never really sure about how much stuff to give my wards over the Easter break.  The temptation is to bundle a load of documents together and then hand them all over as a pack.  However, by this stage of the course, students have already accrued stacks (and stacks) of notes and resources, so I tend to be a bit wary of giving them even more.  Too much can be as bad as too little.  I want the kids I teach to really engage with the information they’ve already got.  So, I’ve put together a simple GCSE English Literature study pack.  The format’s pretty straightforward for each component:

1.       Core questions that require students to revisit their notes and the texts themselves

2.       Some wider reading or viewing

3.       A specimen exam task (taken from the SAMs 2 resources on eAQA).

The texts covered are below:

  • Macbeth
  • The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
  • An Inspector Calls
  • Power and Conflict poetry
  • Unseen poetry

Click here to access the pack.

Hope it’s helpful.  Should be easy enough to adapt.


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