Great Big Recall Grid

Firstly: props to Stuart Pryke for his work on recall grids.  I’ve totally nicked his great idea.

Click here to access a grid with images, letters, colours and symbols that link to four GCSE texts: Macbeth, AQA Power and Conflict Poetry, An Inspector Calls and Jekyll and Hyde.  Here’s how it could be used:

  1. Pick a grid reference
  2. Ask students to name a relevant text
  3. Discuss the significance of the letter (or image etc.)
  4. Retrieve a quotation.

For example:

  1. Grid reference D8 – the letter V
  2. Relevant texts: Macbeth (valiant) or Jekyll and Hyde (villainous)
  3. Macbeth valiantly defeats the two rebel forces at the start of the play; Hyde’s violent acts are villainous
  4. ‘unseam’d him from the nave to the chaps’ and ‘ape-like fury’.

You can access retrieval grids on the individual texts by clicking here.

Should be easy to edit.  Thanks once again to Stuart –


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