How I Started My Lessons Today (Thursday 6th May)

As students enter my classroom, I typically have a ‘holding slide’ displayed on the board.  Usually, the slide is in the form of a ‘do now’ task; sometimes it’s an image of a painting or photograph, and occasionally it’s just the big question for the lesson itself.  What follows in this post is nothing more than my sharing of the slides I used today just because I thought it might be interesting.

  • Lesson 1
  • Year 10
  • Macbeth

Students identified the errors (e.g. ‘murdr’, ‘james’, ‘King’) and I then displayed the corrections on a separate slide before making links with Macbeth’s conflicted feelings about murdering Duncan in A1-S7.  Total time: 5 minutes.

Teaching Lesson 1

  • Lesson 2
  • Year 10
  • Macbeth

Students retrieved a short quotation from Act 1 for each image, and we then shared and discussed them.  Took longer than I expected, which isn’t really a bad thing.  Total time: 15 minutes.

Teaching Lesson 2

  • Lesson 3
  • Year 8
  • The Bone Sparrow

We discussed the links between the novel and some of the issues raised in an extract from a newspaper article on the Myanmar refugee crisis (e.g. Subhi’s absent father and Eli’s separation from his family; Nasir’s ‘adverse risk assessment’).  Total time: 5 minutes.

Teaching Lesson 3

  • Lesson 5
  • Year 11
  • Unseen Poetry

No ‘holding slide’ this lesson.  Instead, students began reading the next short chapter from Matthew Syed’s book The Greatest.  It was a task unconnected to the lesson itself, but part of a wider routine for learning.  Total time: 10 minutes.

Teaching Lesson 5

And that’s it!  Thanks for reading –


Featured Photo by Adam Birkett on Unsplash