Vocabulary Booklet: Synonyms and Subtle Differences

Download Now >> Vocabulary Booklet – Synonyms and Commonly Confused Words

Click here to access a booklet that has been designed to help students consider the subtle differences between 36 pairs of similar words.


The booklet can be used and adapted in a number of ways, but I’ve suggested a process below.

  1. Ask students to define the two words and then explain the subtle differences in meaning
  2. Discuss how the words are used in the two short sentences
  3. Ask students to construct two sentences of their own
  4. Ask students to think of other synonyms

Hopefully, the word pairings will lead to some good quality discussion and debate.  You can access a similar booklet on commonly confused words by clicking here.

Hope the stuff’s useful.  Feedback always welcome –


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Featured image by Sean Sinclair on Unsplash