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9 Ways to Use a Visualiser

A nice brief one.  Hope the post is useful.  As always, please do get in touch with feedback and questions.

1. I-We-You

Model success for the ‘I’ part of the process by planning or partially constructing a response to a task.

2. I-We-You

Work with the class for the ‘We’ part of the process by asking for ideas and opinions.

3. Gradual reveal

Conceal information and reveal it gradually to your wards – discuss as you go.

4. Highlight and annotate

Focus on part of a poem, diagram or equation (etc.) and get students to follow along.

5. Connect with your study booklet

Take students through the information and tasks you’ve constructed.

6. Show and don’t tell

Display a piece of work and ask the class to suggest how it could be improved.

7. Compare student work

Display a piece of work and ask students to compare it to their own.

8. Display student work

Critique what your wards have done, emphasise what success looks like and give praise.

9. Live Marking

Mark a piece of student work and provide a commentary as you go.

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