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English Teaching Resource Bundles

For Curriculum Planning and Classroom Teaching

Save Time for the Stuff You Love

Each bundle contains ten high-quality teaching resources with everything you need to get cracking with curriculum planning and teaching a sequence of lessons.

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You will receive all four resource bundles (as outlined below) for:
  • Power and Conflict Poetry
  • A Christmas Carol
  • Macbeth
  • An Inspector Calls

*NEW* AQA Power and Conflict


The AQA Power and Conflict Poetry resource bundle includes:
  • Slides for each poem
  • A study booklet covering all poems
  • Sets of review questions
  • + much more!



The Macbeth teaching resource bundle includes:
  • A study booklet with Writing Revolution tasks
  • Notes on important contextual factors

  • Tracking questions for key scenes
  • + much more!

A Christmas Carol


The A Christmas Carol resource bundle includes:
  • A study booklet with Writing Revolution tasks
  • Stave-by-stave review questions

  • Essay and feedback sheet

  • + much more!

An Inspector Calls


The An Inspector Calls resource bundle includes:
  • A study booklet hinged around big questions
  • A booklet of review tasks (incl: plot review task, retrieval grid and more)
  • 18 x Do Now tasks 
  • + much more!
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