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British Library Essay Extracts on An Inspector Calls

Click on the button above to access a booklet that contains extracts from six essays I’ve taken from the excellent British Library website.

  1. The Life of J. B. Priestley
  2. An Inspector Calls and J B Priestley’s political journey
  3. Programme note by J B Priestley about An Inspector Calls
  4. An Overview and Key Productions
  5. Extracts from meeting notes about the set and staging of An Inspector Calls (1992)
  6. An introduction to An Inspector Calls (Parts 1, 2 and 3)

The booklet’s designed to give students some accessible wider reading they can tackle at home and then discuss in class.  The bits I’ve put in bold are for zooming-in on.  Typically, I’ll ask students to expand on the statements or retrieve supporting quotations – that sort of thing.

Click here to access a similar booklet containing essays on Macbeth that I put together a few weeks ago.

Hope it’s useful –