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Macbeth One-Page Review Task Worksheets

Click on the link above to access six one-page review task worksheets on Macbeth.

  • There’s a short piece of critical material at the centre of each page
  • Each of the tasks link to the bits I’ve highlighted
  • The idea is for students to make plenty of notes and then share their ideas at the end

The tasks vary between vocabulary definition, exploration of historical context, quotation retrieval, language analysis, and so on.  For example…

  1. What does the word ‘enigmatic’ mean?
  2. What does the word ‘emblematic’ mean?
  3. What is ‘ordered society’ a reference to?
  4. How does the word ‘sacrilegious’ link to the Divine Right of Kings?
  5. Retrieve two quotations that show Macbeth is ambitious
  6. Retrieve two quotations that show Macbeth is conflicted
  7. What does lack of sleep and disturbed sleep symbolise?
  8. How are the Witches presented in A1-S1 and A1-S3?

Finally, the worksheets probably work best if they’re enlarged to A3 size.

Hope the stuff’s useful –


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