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AQA Power and Conflict Poetry 500 Word Challenge Booklet

Click on the button above to access a booklet that contains nine ‘500 word challenge’ tasks on the questions below:

  1. How does Ted Hughes present frontline combat in ‘Bayonet Charge’?
  2. How does Agard present the relationship between history and identity in ‘Checking Out Me History’?
  3. How does Wilfred Owen portray front line combat in ‘Exposure’?
  4. How does Garland present ideas about honour and blame in ‘Kamikaze’?
  5. How does Shelley present the relationship between power and the passing of time in ‘Ozymandias’?
  6. How does Weir present death and mourning for those lost in war in ‘Poppies’?
  7. How does Armitage present ideas about conflict and trauma in ‘Remains’?
  8. How does Alfred Lord Tennyson present the cavalrymen of the Light Brigade in ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’?
  9. How does Carol Ann Duffy present different attitudes towards the brutality of war in ‘War Photographer’?

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There’s space for planning and there are key words to help shape the responses.  I’ve also included the first few sentences to get things going.  Most useful for either homework or revision.

Cheers –