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Scheme of Work Slides for A Christmas Carol

Click on the button above to access a scheme of work and accompanying resources on A Christmas Carol. There are five components

  1. Scheme of work outline
  2. PowerPoint slides
  3. Focus questions
  4. Essay tasks (x3)
  5. Essay feedback sheets (x3)


The scheme notionally covers 21 x lessons, although the reality won’t be as neat as that. For example, it’s likely that the lesson on the workhouse and the treadmill will take longer to deliver than, say, the one on the arrival of the Ghost of Christmas Present.

I’ve included a central question for each lesson, but that’s mainly to offer a sort initial focus during the reading: the discussions that follow will naturally be more expansive. The outline is below ⏬

Screenshot 2024-06-30 at 11.18.05

The slides themselves are purposefully basic. They include two elements: a Do Now task and a reading overview. I’ve never been particularly good with using PowerPoints that I haven’t constructed myself because it can be hard to understand exactly how they’re intended to be used - so I’ve gone for the opposite approach. My thinking here is that you are lesson and the majority of time will be spent reading and discussing the novel in a responsive way rather than clicking through slides.



The essay tasks and accompanying feedback sheets that I’ve included should be easy to adapt. The order of them is also interchangeable, although the first one on Scrooge should probably remain at the start.

The other thing that might be useful is the bundle of additional resources on A Christmas Carol for £4.50. All funds go towards the monthly running costs of the site ⏩ Click here to find out more.

Hope the stuff’s useful –


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