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Storyboard Images for An Inspector Calls


Click on the button above to access storyboard images for an Inspector Calls - they’re taken from BBC production. The idea is for them to be used as the basis for retrieval practice in the first instance, but then as a vehicle for some decent quality discussion and debate. There are twenty images in total:

  1. The Birling family gather
  2. Gerald and Sheila toast the engagement
  3. Birling makes a series of incorrect predictions
  4. The Inspector arrives
  5. Birling struggles to recall Eva Smith
  6. Birling recalls firing Eva Smith
  7. Sheila recalls going to Milwards
  8. Sheila recalls accusing Eva Smith of undermining her
  9. Gerald recognises the name Daisy Renton
  10. Gerald recalls intervening with Alderman Meggarty
  11. Gerald recalls going to the County Hotel with Daisy Renton
  12. Gerald leaves the stage
  13. The Inspector begins questioning Mrs Birling
  14. Mrs Birling recalls refusing the request for assistance
  15. Eric arrives on stage
  16. Eric recalls stealing money
  17. The Inspector delivers his final speech
  18. The Birling family discuss the interrogation
  19. Gerald appears to confirm that the family have been hoaxed
  20. The phone rings


You can access a similar set of images for Macbeth (Joel Coen version) by clicking here.

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