Educational Reader’s Digest Educational Reader’s Digest | Friday 3rd November – Friday 10th November

Educational Reader's Digest

Educational Reader’s Digest

Friday 3rd November – Friday 10th November

Leadership and management

1. Accountability and inclusion; like oil and water?, by Stephen Tierney

2. Accountability measures, by Tarjinder Gill

3. Let’s get radical on Ofsted reform. Power:reliability:impact ratio is wrong, by Tom Sherrington

4. Stop shooting silver bullets and learn to trust our teachers again, by Rebecca Allen

5. School leadership: time to smell the roses?, by George Gilchrist

6. He for she call to arms, by Pran Patel

7. Why all the research on teacher qualifications is worthless, by Andrew Old

8. Another poorly-conceived EEF study?, by Michael Fordham

9. The effectiveness of lesson study has been called into question, by Gary Jones

Teaching, learning and assessment

1. Inappropriate, predatory and uncomfortable behaviours on social media, by Jules Daulby et at.

2. GCSE English Language & Literature – planning for success, by Alex Quigley

3. Regrets? I’ve had a few…, by Alex Quigley

4. Why I love… Blog series 14: To Autumn (Keats), by Susan Strachan

5. Why I love… Vocabulary improvement strategies, by Susan Strachan

6. On our weekly writing challenges 2017-18, by Rebecca Foster

7. ‘Specifically’ – responding to the language questions, by Sarah Barker

8. Structuring a response to question 2 and 3 in the AQA Language exam, by Chris Curtis

9. ‘Had we but world enough, and time…’, by Kate McCabe

10. When ideas from Twitter come together…, by Freya Odell

11. Could teacher-led classrooms become illegal?, by Greg Ashman

12. Can teaching cause learning?, by Greg Ashman

13. #TLT17 Part 2 challenge, differentiation and inclusion – planning (the before), by Damian Benney

14. ‘Curiouser and Curiouser’… The importance of asking questions, by Sarah Alderman

15. What kind of feedback moves students on?, by Harry Fletcher-Wood

16. Social mobility, IQ and education, by Nancy Gedge

17. Let’s not argue over why we can’t make a difference, by Andrew Old

18. Cognitive load, vocabulary and essay writing, by Claire Hill

19. School Research Lead – from evidence to implementation, by Gary Jones

20. Word power: powerful vocabulary instruction (part 4: language ‘coding’), by Kelly Ashley

21. Can schools make a difference?, by Anthony Radice

22. Work life balance, by Shelley Rees

23. Kindness is power, by Sue Cowley

24. A knowledge based liberal arts and sciences curriculum, by Martin Robinson

25. Ofsted: developments in education inspection, by Sarah Hubbard

26. Simply teaching, by Emma Smith

27. Instructional design, by Ben Gordon

28. The problem with ‘subject terminology’ and the power of ‘I like’, by Richard Long

29. A review of optimizing learning in college: tips from cognitive psychology, by Blake Harvard

30. The dark side of interleaving, by Miko Wilford

31. The problem with 21st century problems, by Mark Enser

32. Working effectively with disadvantaged children, by Andy Tharby

33. Practicals in science, by Cassandra Cheng

34. A book to help you teach writing, by John Kenny

35. The teaching X factors #ThursdayThunk, by Stephen Tierney

36. The tyranny of command verbs, by Michael Fordham

37. A strategy to fill the gap, by Graeme Clark

Personal development, behaviour and welfare

1. Autism and sexual health: need it be a challenge?, by Gareth Morewood

2. How to manage “0-60” in our behaviour system, by Rosalind Walker

3. A little rant on, you guessed it, behaviour, by Mark Enser

4. Slow Teaching: ‘Serene and Stoical Behaviour Management’, by Jamie Thom

EYFS and primary

1. Giving specific feedback, by Daisy Christodoulou

2. Training to teach, by Chris Hildrew


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