Educational Reader’s Digest | Friday 28th July – Friday 4th August

Educational Reader's Digest

Educational Reader’s Digest

Friday 28th July – Friday 4th August

Leadership and management 

1. 10 tips for successfully leading a subject, by Aidan Severs

2. Schools need to address the last acceptable form of racism, by Ellie Mulcahy

3. Weighing the pig or what makes a decent school?, by Emma Kell

4. You couldn’t make it up!, by Ross McGill 

5. Getting culture right part 1: normative messages, by David Didau 

6. How can we create a culture of excellence in schools?, by Mark Enser 

Teaching, learning and assessment 

1. Why I love…Eduqas Poetry Anthology: blog series 1, by Susan Strachan 

2. Why I love… Eduqas Anthology: blog series 2 – The Manhunt, by Susan Strachan 

3. Following the flow of bad ideas in education, by Thomas James 

4. Learning – and teaching – is difficult (and there are no shortcuts!), by Paul Kirschner 

5. Writing biology mastery textbooks, by Pritesh Raichura 

6. Blokes and birds – look at them, phwoar, I mean, soar, by Chris Curtis 

7. In this school, English is about…, by James Durran 

8. Useful routines, by Nancy Gedge 

9. Could do better: reflections on exam season and what I plan to change, by Sallie Stanton 

10. Problem-solving does not exist, by Greg Ashman 

11. Revolutionising writing, by Greg Ashman 

12. Flat Earth learning, by Ellen Metcalf 

13. Extreme marking and feedback policies, by Rebecca Foster 

14. On cognitive science, mastery and… flute playing, by Niki Kaiser 

15. 5 things every new (secondary) teacher should know about reading, by David Didau 

16. How to start a lesson, by David Didau 

17. How I teach root words, by John Ashton 

18. Choosing the (digital) pedagogical tool fit for the learning, by Deborah Netolicky 

19. If streaming is a barrier to success, why do it?, by Mary-Claire Travers 

20. Hinge questions hub, by Harry Fletcher-Wood 

21. Essential summer reads: ‘Battle Hymn of the Tiger Teachers’, by Jamie Thom 

22. Taking control of your professional development with research – post 2, by Blake Harvard 

23. Productive diversity, by Kamil Trzebiatowski 

24. The problem with Austin’s Butterfly, by Martin Robinson 

25. Five things I’ve learned about the importance of good assessment, by Alex Quigley 

26. Is this the best we can do? Part 7: the spacing effect, by Hin-Tai Ting 

27. Reliability and English mocks, by Daisy Christodoulou 

28. The cost of task switching: a simple yet very powerful demonstration, by Yana Weinstein 

29. The language of self-esteem in schools, by Claire Stoneman 

Personal development, behaviour and welfare 

 1. How do you want your pupils to remember you?, by Nancy Gedge 

2. Helping vulnerable pupils cope with managed moves, or other transitions, by Mary Meredith 

3. Behaviour is the elephant in the classroom, by John Kenny 

4. Students must be deferential to teachers, by Rufus William 

EYFS and primary 

1. The highs and lows of knowledge organisers: an end of year report, by Clare Sealy


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