Educational Reader’s Digest | 26th January – 2nd February

Educational Reader's Digest

Educational Reader’s Digest

Friday 26th January – Friday 2nd February

Why I love… Spelling Strategies, by Susan Strachan 

 ‘Spelling is a tricky one for me and I’m sure for many others.’ 

 3 Must Do’s to Keep and Get Teachers…, by Stephen Tierney 

 ‘Ofsted in its current incarnation has to go.’ 

Questions To Ask When Teaching Inference-Making, by Aidan Severs 

 ‘Here are some inference question focuses that might help teachers to structure their lessons.’ 

The Voice, by Nick Wells 

‘I never fully appreciated reading aloud, though, until I had kids.’

Data-drops. Get some perspective, by Tom Sherrington 

‘Here, I’ll just reiterate why half-termly data drops are a terrible idea.’

Education in Singapore: 1) Recognising Singapore’s priorities, by Harry Fletcher-Wood 

‘Curriculum designers meet industry leaders to identify growth areas for businesses and skills shortages.’ 

Why I Teach, by Phil Beadle 

‘Thank you Isabelle. Compared to marking your book, most things are rubbish.’

Mobilising the Evidence, by Shaun Allison  

‘Here is a summary of each presentation.’ 

Drill and Thrill. On joyful low-stakes testing, by Ben Newmark   

‘Here is how the Never-Ending Quiz works.’ 

Have we actually opened the black box?, by Jo Pearson  

‘Are we clearer about what’s inside the ‘Black Box’ now than we were 20 years ago?’ 

For many students, our status quo is killing their aspiration, by Dave Grimmett  

‘What do you accept from students in your classroom?’ 

Primary Literature: Telling Stories, by Anthony Radice  

‘A teacher-led lesson focused on literary content allows the whole class to share in the story.’ 

Knowledge, Skills and Whole Class Feedback, by David Bunker 

 ‘Fortunately for me, whole class feedback is a perfectly acceptable mode of feedback in my school.’ 

 Values-led Leadership: Moving from Surviving to Thriving, by Hannah Wilson  

‘I challenged them to consider if their core values were present in their current schools.’ 



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