Educational Reader’s Digest | Friday 1st December – Friday 8th December

Educational Reader's Digest

Educational Reader’s Digest

Friday 1st December – Friday 8th December

Leadership and management

1. This much I know about… Our Outstanding OFSTED judgement, by John Tomsett

2. On the Ambition School Leadership blog: looking back on my Moleskine moments, by Aidan Severs

3. Teachers and performance related pay – what’s the evidence?, by Gary Jones

4. This much I know about… Treating teachers well and helping them manage their workload, by John Tomsett

5. I.G.O.*, by Phil Stock

6. Autonomy – a sorry second?, by Jon Andrews

7. How can evidence help schools spend money wisely?, by Kate Bailey

Teaching, learning and assessment

1. The lone and level sands part 3, by Nick Wells

2. But what if I’m just not that inspiring?, by Adam Boxer

3. Why I love… Scaffolding: language analysis questions, by Susan Strachan

4. Slow teaching, by Jamie Thom

5. Untangling the ‘literacy octopus’ – three crucial lessons from the latest EEF evaluation, by Jonathan Sharples

6. Solving the marking workload problem, by Stephen Tierney

7. Reduce maths anxiety with explicit teaching, by Greg Ashman

8. Five evidence-informed strategies for the classroom, by José Picardo

9. Why knowledge organisers are used in English, by Nick Hetherington

10. In defence of the graded report card, by Martin Robinson

11. Effectiveness of curriculum sequencing – substitution, by Naveen Rizvi

12. Thought depends on knowledge, by David Didau

13. Reading aloud might boost students’ memories, by David Didau

14. The best books I’ve read this year, by David Didau

15. How I used a vocabulary curriculum to teach Macbeth, by Helen Howell

16. Practice-based teacher training: assessing the impact on teaching, by Harry Fletcher-Wood

17. Using Twitter for professional learning, by Robin Macpherson

18. Bright spots, by Chris Runeckles

19. Cognitive load theory and applications in the classroom, by Blake Harvard

20. Equivalence-based instruction in the classroom, by Melissa Swisher

21. Algebraic fluency – 50s style, by Jo Morgan

22. Practice-based teacher training: assessing the impact on teaching, by Harry Fletcher-Wood

23. Where did textbooks go?, by Ben Newmark

24. The school research lead: how to stop doing what doesn’t work, by Gary Jones

Personal development, behaviour and welfare

1. Making transition reviews count, by Gareth Morewood

2. MH Green paper – Smoke, mirrors and a ray of light, by Mark Armiger

EYFS and primary

1. Addendum: a 4th way phonics denialists will try to fool you, by Andrew Old

2. And now good news for reading!!, by Debra Kidd

3. Sharing standards results: year 3, by Daisy Christodoulou

4. Reporting assessment results with box and whisker plots, Daisy Christodoulou


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