Educational Reader’s Digest | Friday 23rd June – Friday 30th June

Educational Reader’s Digest

Friday 23rd June – Friday 30th June

Leadership and management

3.       Visit to Michaela, by Ellen Metcalf

4.       24-hour parent access to teachers, by Anna Wells

5.       The veil of ignorance, by Steve Adcock

7.       What I believe about education, by Chris Hildrew


Teaching, learning and assessment

1.       Feedback, mindset and motivation – linked?, by Sarah Donarski

2.       Teach knowledge, by Jo Facer

3.       “Understanding” and Occam’s razor, by David Didau

4.       “Pedagogy is overrated”, by Stuart Lock

5.       5 useful online resources for English teachers, by James Theobald

6.       Picking your battles, by Mark Enser

7.       What’s the point?, by Mark Enser

8.       Why I love… Instructions, by Susan Strachan

9.       Why I love… Law in R&J, by Susan Strachan

10.   Social media as catharsis, by Matthew Pinkett

11.   On doubt and direct instruction, by Jamie Thom

13.   Why whole-school literacy fails!, by Alex Quigley

15.   Building resilience in lessons, by Paul Moss

18.   Over marking and under planning?, by Stephen Tierney

19.   Writing my own text books – changing my mind, by Rosalind Walker

21.   Asking real questions in the classroom, by James Durran

22.   Literature is not clickbait, by Nick Wells

23.   Research? I’m just a blogger, by Steve Lane

26.   On the definition of learning, by Daniel Willingham

27.   Scaffolding and success criteria, by Mark Anderson

28.   Truth or truthiness, by Paul Kirschner

29.   Choose education, by Ross McGill

30.   Growing a culture of great teaching, by Shaun Allison

33.   King Tut had a very big butt, by Greg Ashman


Personal development, behaviour and welfare

1.       Detentions don’t work, by Greg Ashman

2.       Behaviour is shit: ideology, by Toby French

3.       Behaviour is shit: policies, by Toby French

4.       Behaviour is shit: classrooms, by Toby French

5.       How ‘bout we get rid of the mainstream?, by Linda Graham

7.       How can we improve outcomes in a broken system?, by Gareth Morewood

8.       Let’s just teach our children to be decent, by Dorothy Lepkowska


EYFS and primary



2.       Pupil well-being – a primary perspective, by Kerry Macfarlane



4.       Primary and secondary teachers need each other, by Aidan Severs



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