Educational Reader’s Digest | Friday 24th November – Friday 1st December

Educational Reader's Digest

Educational Reader’s Digest

Friday 24th November – Friday 1st December

Leadership and management

1. Goodbye headteacher; hello consultant, by Tom Sherrington

2. 10 low impact activities to do less of – or stop altogether, by Tom Sherrington

3. What’s our biggest blind spot in education?, by Sam Twiselton

4. Time to own up, by Mary Myatt

5. Fear and loathing at the frontier, by Paul Clarke

6. Great Yarmouth Charter Academy: hotspot of hope, by Jo Facer

Teaching, learning and assessment

1. Speaking and listening assessments, by Chris Curtis

2. Can grammar teaching improve pupils’ writing?, by David Didau

3. What *does* improve children’s writing?, by David Didau

4. Reading for pleasure – a letter to my class, by Jon Biddle

5. Teaching ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’, by Jamie Thom

6. Why I love… scaffolding: comprehension A1 fiction language, by Susan Strachan

7. Why I love… Blog series: introducing context (war focus), by Susan Strachan

8. Motivating lower attainers – Blog 1/3 -Via Success and the use of (sshh…) grades, by Dave Grimmet

9. Motivating lower attainers – blog 2/3 -via pride, by Dave Grimmet

10. Some good news for group work?, by Debra Kidd

11. Responsive teaching: questioning feedback and follow up, by Stephen Tierney

12. Creativity and collaboration, by Martin Robinson

13. In defense of being informed, by Mark Enser

14. Japanese lesson study: a question of culture, by Sarah Selezynov

15. Using comparative judgement to measure progress, by Daisy Christodoulou

16. Just teach, by Tom Sherrington

17. Getting educational research right, by Dylan William

18. Offence and outrage, by Claire Nicholls

19. Explicit vocabulary instruction as a whole-school literacy strategy, by Fran Haynes

20. A pretty big misconception to hold, by Greg Ashman

21. The pyramid of myth, by Blake Harvard

22. The value of assessment, by Loic Menzies

23. Using flashcards effectively, by Caroline Creaby

24. How to nurture students’ motivation to read, by Julie Smith

25. Literacy matters #ThursdayThunk, by Stephen Tierney

26. Y6 and Y11 take too much strain: up the ante from Y3 and Y7, by Tom Sherrington


Personal development, behaviour and welfare

1. Some videos to go with my ‘podogogy’ interview, by Doug Lemov

2. The pasteurization of France, by Jarlath O’Brien

EYFS and primary

1. 3 ways phonics denialists will try to fool you, by Andrew Old

2. A pretty big misconception to hold, by Greg Ashman

3. Creating an age independent scale of writing, by Daisy Christodoulou


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