Educational Reader’s Digest | Friday 31st March – Friday 7th April

1.       Extreme critics and changing your mind, by Katherine Birbalsingh

2.       Ken Robinson is a teacher-basher: schools must top listening to his Panglossian ideas, by Carl Hendrick

3.       Moving on…, by Jules Daulby

4.       Blooms taxonomy – that pyramid is a problem, by Doug Lemov

5.       Didau’s taxonomy, by David Didau

6.       Are ‘closed book’ examinations a bad idea?, by David Didau

7.       The iniquity of gap filling in mathematics teaching, by Steven Watson

8.       Proper acting for proper teachers, by Martin Robinson

9.       The silliness of silly mistakes: cognitive load theory for kids, by Adam Boxer

10.   Checking the climate in your school, by Stephen Tierney

11.   Where is the evidence, dept., by Barry Garelick

12.   Teaching English is not teaching reading, by Nick Shaw

13.   Duvet days and the teacher workload problem, by Alex Quigley

14.   How to negotiate salaries – for teachers, by Iesha Small

15.   Checking the quality of an Ofsted inspection, by Christina Raeside

16.   Manipulatives – why they can hinder learning and what you can do about it, by Sara Fulmer

17.   Sweet algebra. A model, by Tom Sherrington

18.   To PEE or not to PEE? (That is, the paragraph model), by Jessica Fear

19.   A simple timeline for English teachers, by Matthew Pinkett

20.   Stepping stones to GCSE: using King’s ‘I have a dream’, by Jamie Thom

21.   Setting grade 9 in new GCSEs, by Cath Jadhav

22.   Debunking Ofsted myths at #PrimayRocks, by Sean Harford

23.   Clarifying primary prior attainment bandings, by Sean Harford

24.   The bigger picture, by Dianne Murphy

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