Four Examples of GCSE Whole-Class Marking Proformas

Since last summer, the school I work at has moved away from traditional marking (annotations, summative comments etc.) to a whole-class approach. There’s no longer an expectation for staff to provide written feedback in books or on test papers, and there’s no requirement for the proformas to look the same – they just need to be paired with plenty of decent exemplar material and be based around four key elements:

1. Misconceptions and errors

2. Next steps

3. Some guidance on what success looks like

4. Commentary on the quality of functional literacy and academic writing.

Here are some examples that I’ve used since September…

Example 1 – click here

The class wrote a set of essays on Macbeth.

Example 2 – click here

The class wrote on two war poems from the AQA Power and Conflict anthology.

Example 3 – click here

Brief feedback on some short creative writing based on The Bell Jar.

Example 4 – click here

A proforma that I’ve designed for the forthcoming English Language mock exams (June 2018) – not sure I’m happy with it just yet.

Hope they’re useful –


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