Five things I’ve found out from EduTwitter #1

Bulletin #1: Five things I’ve found out from EduTwitter over the past few weeks…

Do grades in one GCSE subject predict results in another?

Answer: Perhaps.

References and digest: Click here.

TL;DR: Biology appears to be a bridging subject between the sciences and humanities.


Does school lunch quality affect student achievement?

Answer: Probably.

References and digest: Click here.

TL;DR: When California schools switched to healthier lunch vendors, test scores improved.


Do fidget spinners help students pay attention in class?

Answer: Doubtful.

Research and digest: Click here.

TL;DR: There is a lack of scientific evidence to support claims that spinners help to focus attention.


Are teachers who are rated highly by students more effective?

Answer: No.

Research paper: Click here.

TL;DR: Students do not learn more from teachers with higher student evaluation of teaching ratings.


How can schools help to adjust the work-life balance for their staff?

Answer: By eliminating the unnecessary.

30 key questions for school leaders: Click here.

TL;DR: School leaders should keep a close eye on the burdens of individual teachers.


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