High Five Points on Macbeth, Jekyll and Hyde and An Inspector Calls

Click here to access a one-page handout with five points on each of the GCSE English Literature texts below:

  • Macbeth
  • Jekyll and Hyde
  • An Inspector Calls

High Five Points

I’m not entirely sure how I’ll use the resource yet, but I do know that I’ll get my year 11 wards to stick a copy to the front of their books. My sketchy plan is to routinely discuss one of the points at the start of each lesson for about 10(ish) minutes. I want three basic things out of the process

  1. The points to be visible
  2. The points to be the ‘gateway’ to some really decent discussions, retrieval tasks and re-reading etc.
  3. The points, over time, to stick

Feedback always welcome. Please do continue to get in touch and tell me what’s worked (and what hasn’t!) and how you’ve adapted stuff like this for your own classes.

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