Jekyll and Hyde: A Timeline of Events and Publications | KS4 Teaching Resource

It’s important that students have a clear overview of historical and cultural events leading up to the publication of a text – Jekyll and Hyde, in this case – and also of the events that come later.  Typically, I’ve tended to spend isolated blocks of time on contextual factors.  A token lesson prior to reading the first chapter of the novel on, say, the urban sprawl of nineteenth-century London or Victorian values around morality and respectability.  It’s never been enough.  Really getting a grasp of the relationship between a text and the relevant contextual factors requires regular referencing and engagement.

I’ve constructed a simple timeline of events for Jekyll and Hyde.  You can access it by clicking here.  I’ve also included some literary texts – what’s past is prologue and all that.

I hope it’s useful –


jekyll and hyde timeline

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