One-Page Teaching and Learning Overviews

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About a year or so ago, I put together various one-page overviews on subjects connected to Teaching and Learning. Click here to access them. They’re pretty much what you’d expect: a mixture of headlines and some links to further reading. Everything’s listed below.

  1. Remote Teaching and Social Comparison Theory
  2. Using a Visualiser
  3. Guide to the Visualiser Camera Head Buttons
  4. Opting Out of Questions
  5. Evaluating Teaching and Learning
  6. Fundamental Questions
  7. Recap Tasks
  8. High Expectations
  9. The GI Joe Fallacy
  10. Wait Time
  11. The Edison Fallacy
  12. The Illusion of Skill Acquisition
  13. Chauffer Knowledge
  14. The Watchful Eyes Effect
  15. Constructing Multiple-Choice Quizzes
  16. Making Objective Judgements

Use, edit or pick apart for scraps.  Hope there’s something you can use –


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