PowerPoint Slides to Accompany the Study Booklet on A View from the Bridge

I uploaded a study booklet on A View from the Bridge in May – you can access it by clicking here.  The eleven ‘big questions’ that it’s based on are below.

I’ve now finally managed to sort out some PowerPoint slides.  They’re purposefully basic because they’re really designed for the first fifteen minutes or so each lesson.  The slides follow the same format:

  1. Recap task
  2. Big question
  3. Literacy task (identify and correct the errors)
  4. Vocabulary (key works for spelling, extended writing and discussion)
  5. Retrieval task (find supporting quotations)

Everything should be easy to adapt.

You can access the slides by clicking here (the original study booklet’s also in the folder).

Hope the stuff’s useful.

Cheers –



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