Top 5 Teaching Resources for Jekyll and Hyde 

Over the past few years, I’ve put out various different Jekyll and Hyde resources on Twitter – some have aged reasonably well, and others less so.  I’ve searched through my Dropbox folder and picked out five that I still regularly use.  Take a look below… 

1. Lecture resources – click here. 

Last year, I gave a lecture on the presentation of Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde to students in year 11.  I’ve included the slides, but the two booklets are probably the most useful resource – they contain quiz questions, extracts from the novel, key words, and a sample exam question. 

2. Context booklet – click here 

I put this together last year.  It’s a booklet that contains extracts from a wide range of texts – from Frankenstein to The Origin of Species.  There’s also a timeline of key events spanning from 1818 to 1897.   

 3. Characterisation overview – click here 

A one-page overview for students that contains what I call the ‘fundamentals’ on the three main characters – Jekyll, Hyde, and Utterson.  Useful for revision or as the basis for questioning and discussion. 

4. Revision extracts – click here 

A selection of extracts from the novel and also banks of key words.  When I used the resource earlier in the term, I squished the first two pages together to form a single A3 sheet and then did the same with the final two pages. 

5. Two exam tasks and feedback sheets – click here 

Two exam tasks that I put together fairly recently.  The first is on chapter two and the second is on chapter seven.  Should be pretty easy to adapt. 

I hope the resources are useful.  Feedback welcome! 


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