Tutor Time Reading Resource Non-Fiction | KS3 and KS4 Teaching Resource

Click here to access a folder of tutor time reading slides. 


  • The reading material is taken from topical news stories totalling roughly 150 words
  • Tutors read aloud to their tutees or nominate students to do so
  • Unfamiliar words (and references) are identified and defined in the note section
  • There are two tasks for students to engage with: a true-or-false quiz and a wider question for discussion

Navigating the Resource

  1. The text is be displayed on a single slide to keep things simple
  2. A hyperlink to the full article is included on the first word of the text in case you want to access it
  3. There are always four ‘true’ statements in the eight that are provided
  4. The true statements are displayed at the top of the notes section
  5. Unfamiliar words and references are listed and defined in the middle
  6. The discussion question is displayed at the end

You can find further tutor time reading resources here.

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