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AQA GCSE English: Year 11 Feedback on Macbeth

Now that we’ve hit the run-up to the Easter break, I’ve introduced a weekly essay task for both of my year 11 classes.  It’s a big commitment in terms of curriculum time and my own workload, so I’ve had to think carefully about how I make sure it’s all worth the effort.  One aspect of my practice that I’ve altered is how I provide feedback.  I still adopt a ‘whole-class’ approach (and also make light annotations), but I’ve simplified the format of the template:

1. Feedback: A brief commentary on the essays themselves

2. Takeaways: Points to take forward to the next essay and for revision

3. Vocabulary: Ten words to use in the next piece of work.

Click on the link below to download an example I used recently after my wards wrote essays on Macbeth.  Screenshots below.



AQA GCSE English

AQA GCSE English Macbeth

AQA GCSE English

I do my best to be precise and avoid anything that might be confusing or unnecessary.  The sheets themselves don’t take long to construct – probably about half an hour or so – and I typically use them as a reference point to guide my classes through the finer details.  The ‘wider links’ section informs what I ask students to focus on for homework and wider revision.

So, all in all, nothing particularly striking or revolutionary, but that’s sort of the point.  I blogged briefly in January about some of the templates I’ve used in the past.  You can access the post by clicking here.

Feedback always welcome.  Thanks for reading –