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The Bone Sparrow Question Booklet

Click on the links below to access both a question booklet for The Bone Sparrow. There is a PDF and editable Word document.

The booklet has three main parts: review questions, big questions and further reading links.  It’s not designed to be a comprehensive study booklet or anything like that.  Really, it’s the sort of resource that can be used to check knowledge and understanding as you go.  Should be easy to edit and adapt.


There are a few bits to be mindful of…

  • The numbers in brackets refer to page numbers where the answers can be found to the review questions
  • The edition I’ve based them on is the one published by Orion in 2017 (yellow cover)
  • The italicised review questions refer to the sections of the novel that retell the story written by Jimmie’s mother

Hope it’s useful –


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