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KS3 Poetry Anthology: Theme of Change


Click on the button above to access an anthology of poems that explore the theme of change. It’s designed for students in KS3. There are twelve poems in total:

  1. Fall, Leaves, Fall, by Emily Brontë (1846)
  2. The Eagle, by Alfred Tennyson (1851)
  3. An Emerald is as Green as Grass, Christina Rossetti (1872)
  4. In Time of Silver Rain, Langston Hughes (1947)
  5. The Trees, Philip Larkin (1974)
  6. Nettles, Vernon Scannell (1980)
  7. The Ideal, James Fenton (1983)
  8. Praise Song For My Mother, Grace Nichols (1984)
  9. Indian Cooking, Moniza Alvi (1993)
  10. December, Carol Ann Duffy (2005)
  11. A Chant Against Death, by Mervyn Morris (2006)
  12. Remember, by Matt Goodfellow (2020)


Each poem is double-spaced and there’s plenty of room in the margins for annotation and notes etc. I’ve also included a couple of other things:

  • A literary term relevant to each poem
  • A big question for further exploration


There are also other anthologies on the site...

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Hope they’re helpful -




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