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KS3 War Poetry Anthology

Click on the link above to access an anthology of war poems.

  1. Extract from The Iliad, by Homer
  2. Extract from Beowulf, by unknown poet
  3. ‘Drummer Hodge’, by Thomas Hardy
  4. ‘Many Sisters to Many Brothers’, by Rose Macaulay
  5. ‘Suicide in the Trenches’, by Siegfried Sassoon
  6. ‘Strange Meeting’, by Wilfred Owen
  7. ‘Last Post’, by Carol Ann Duffy
  8. ‘MCMXIV’, by Philip Larkin
  9. ‘Pluck’, by Eva Dobell
  10. ‘Platform One’, by Ted Hughes
  11. ‘The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner’, by Randall Jarrell
  12. ‘Flag’, by John Agard

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I’ve also included some decent wider reading at the end.

Hope it’s useful –