Chapter-by-Chapter Questions on A Monster Calls | KS3 Teaching Resource

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Click here to download chapter-by-chapter questions on A Monster Calls, for example:


  1. Why does Conor ‘gratefully’ leave the room? (55)
  2. What made Conor’s day at school ‘not fine’? (57)
  3. ‘His grandma reached forward and snatched the cloth out of his hand’ – Which word indicates her irritation? (59)
  4. What surprises Conor about the way his grandma feels? (60)
  5. What does Conor say he is not going to do? (61)
  • Which details suggest that Conor’s grandma isn’t quite as bad he seems to believe?

The download is in a word document and easy to adapt for your lessons.


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Hope the stuff’s useful –


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