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Worksheets on A Christmas Carol

Worksheets for teaching A Christmas Carol at KS4. These are ready to use in the classroom, and easy to adapt. Click on the button above to view the Dropbox folder and download.

The worksheets include the following:

  1. First Impressions of Scrooge
  2. Scrooge and Fred
  3. The Poor and Destitute
  4. The Ghost of Jacob Marley
  5. The Ghost of Christmas Past
  6. Childhood Memories
  7. Fezziwig
  8. Belle
  9. The Ghost of Christmas Present
  10. The Cratchit Family
  11. Fred and Family
  12. Ignorance and Want
  13. The Theft of Scrooge’s Possessions
  14. The Death of Tiny Tim
  15. The Death of Scrooge
  16. Christmas Morning
  17. A Review of Nine Key Events

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